*Photograph by the insanely talented and beautiful Sarah Freije from Blueberry Hill Photography, Alaska.

*Photograph by the insanely talented and beautiful Sarah Freije from Blueberry Hill Photography, Alaska.

Christmas 2014, after many unsubtle hints, my husband bought me my 1st DSLR. from the 1st photo I took (a particularly out of focus shot of my kids opening their Christmas presents) and every single photo after, lifting my camera, framing my shot and pressing the shutter has felt like coming home!

First and foremost I am a mama...my greatest passion in life is my family. My eldest Jacob, patient, kind, cautious, hilarious, hates my camera, but loves me, so occasionally he lets me take some shots. My only girl Willow, wild, empathetic, brave, loving, is my most photo'd subject. Often you'll see us climbing hills or exploring forests in the hunt for beautiful light for our shoots. My teeny Bodhi, feisty, loud, caring, cuddly, isn't old enough yet to decide if he likes my camera or not so I shoot him often while i can. My husband Oli, strong, resilient, loving, funny, is the backbone of our family. Without him I wouldn't be able to focus as much time as I do to my art.

And then there's me, Rachel, the photographer behind the nook and the meadow. Ever since i was little i have been obsessed with photos. Rifling through my Mum's basket of photos, studying each picture. Sitting with my friend's parents as they showed me the photo albums from their recent holidays. Plastering every inch of my 1st year uni dorm with photos of my friends and family. And finally having children and feeling the extreme need to document every single millisecond of their lives. But it was when that 1st DSLR was placed in my hand that i finally fell in love with photography as an art. I always considered myself a creative person, but I had never found an outlet that truly fitted my soul, but suddenly I was able to recreate the images that were in my mind. That's when i realised i wanted to share my art with others. To capture their memories and connections so that they could display and enjoy them for years to come.

Which was how the Nook and the Meadow was born. Named after our little family farmhouse, the nook and the meadow envelops everything i love about photography! Wild scenery, home comfort, connections and raw moments. Located in the north-east of Northern Ireland, about 10 miles north of Belfast, i travel country wide to bring my art to you!


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